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oil change bourbonnais il

Honda Oil Change Bourbonnais, IL

We want you to help you maintain the value of your Honda vehicle, so please bring your Honda in for it's routine oil and filter change.

Our oil change will provide you with top-quality oil and a Honda genuine oil filter. Plus, we'll check and adjust all of your vehicle's vital fluids and perform a FREE multi-point inspection all to keep it running smoothly.

For the quickest service, contact us at Bill Kay Honda and set up an appointment.

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Bourbonnais Oil Change| Honda Service Maintenance Bradley IL | Kankakee Oil Change And Lube

The motor oil in your vehicle probably performs more jobs within your engine than any other component, fluid or material. So it is important to change your motor oil from time to time.

Your motor oil has many responsibilities, but the main ones are protecting the engine by lubricating its moving parts, transferring heat away and cooling important parts of your engine, flow easily to important engine parts when it is cold out, keep internal enginee components clean and free of deposits than can harm your engine.

After awhile, your motor oil will break down all will no longer perform effectively. Thatīs because with time and mileage, the oilīs additives get used up, causing the engine oil to degrade. By having your oil changed, you're removing all the sludge, deposits, and all the other contaminants.

Honda Genuine Oil Filters Service | Bradley Bourbonnais Honda Parts

The oil filter job is to help stop the accumulation of dirt, debris, and particles from entering your engine. As your motor oil passes through the filter, it leaves behind the contaminants. Replacing the oil filter along with your motor oil is a great way of adding another level of protection while ensuring your engine receives the lubrication it needs.

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